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Photographer High Street Kensington

I had to renew my passport a few months ago, and I rushed to my photographer's studio. Thanks to him, my portrait is both official and beautiful! It wouldn't have been possible with a photo booth!
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The photographers of High Street Kensington are always on the move for you!

The search after the perfect photographer for all your events is over. Come right now in the shop of the photographer of High Street Kensington. Our professionals are the best of London. Whether you need to hire a photographer for your wedding day or you need someone that will take memorable shots of your children's birthdays, our team will be there to immortalize all your magical days. Come in our studio or give us a call, we will book and appointment as soon as possible! And our professional will even realize for you an estimate, no more bad surprise thanks to us! We assure you that you'll be fully satisfied.

You deserve the best and your High Street Kensington Photographer is!

You can finally rely on a qualified, talented and especially affordable photographer, close to your home, in High Street Kensington! Our photographers are real passionate and will only realize stunning pictures of you and your loved ones. But why pay a lot of money to get high quality services? Thanks to your new professional photographer in High-Street Kensington, you'll enjoy the best services and low cost prices! Come to our studio or give us a call, you won't regret it!

The best gift ideas are available in our High Street Kensington photographer's shop!

From the classic family portrait you want to offer to your grandparents, to the brand new digital photo frame, anything you can think of is available in your High Street Kensington photographer's studio! Just ask us for any gift idea, we will help with every single request and help you create beautiful presents for your loved ones! Demand an unusual gift and stay away from the well-known flowers!


Demand quality pictures only, and avoid amateurs' services or really bad quality photo booths!

Low prices

We adapt our offer to your needs and your budget so it can suit everybody's expectations.


Has you passport expired? Do you need to visit a foreign country? Rush in our studio to get the best looking official portrait ever!